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Web designing can be both frustrating and fun at the same time. When you have the right kind of tools to create your design, it will be straightforward for you to design your websites. There are many free and paid tools which are there in the market to help web designers to create a hassle-free website.

Top 5 Web designing tools

The following are some of such web designing tools which you can use to have a natural and better-looking site for your business:


When many of the web designers still rely on Photoshop for their user interface design, Sketch is a tool to create a brilliant UI design. When compared to other web designing tools Sketch allows you to sort your documents in a much easier way. You have smaller documents in Sketch and as it has a vector based application the files sizes in Sketch are way smaller when compared to other web designing tools like Photoshop. You also have the built in a grid system which allows you to make interface design in a much easier way. The tool offers lots of plugins so that the designer can easily add his/her workflow.

Adobe XD:

Adobe XD is a brilliant tool which has a light interface that allows you to prototype and creates designs in a better way. You have tools that allow you to draw and define non-static interactions. There are sharing tools in which you can give feedback on various designs. You can create a specific art-board size where you can start a new project. There is an option where you can import a user interface and use it. Adobe XD is a light interface where you can load many photos and the prototyping in it is quite useful to show customers how things work and you can push your design online.

Affinity Designer:

Affinity Designer is a dedicated graphics and web designing tool, and it has many exciting features like non-destructive and adjustable layers where you can make adjustments to the images without damaging them. You also have a brilliant zoom feature which is extremely useful when you work with vector art where you have to zoom in quite a bit to get the perfect design.


If you are looking out for multiple designers to form collaboration in real time, then Figma is the web designing tool for you. The tool is available on the browser, and you have both free and paid versions of this design tool. The workflow is very smooth, and you need not put in much effort to learn the basics. Figma being collaborative you can share graphics and other designs with others who are within the application.


Avocode is mostly for front-end developers, and it analyses your sketches and PSD and creates a user interface. You can later decide how your assets are going to be exported. There is an option where pieces of codes can be copied and pasted into a text editor.